Dayton Carpet Makes It Easy!

Dayton Carpet serving the miami valley for over 3 decades has taken the guesswork out of the color selection by creating the largest selection of free carpet and flooring samples anywhere in the country. and it’s located right here in Dayton, Ohio.

“It does not matter what a color looks like in the store or online. The only thing that matters is what does it look like in your home- under your lights” says Jeff, our GM.  “And that’s why we created our free sample showroom, to take the guesswork out of color selection”

Dayton Carpet is here 6 days a week for your shopping pleasure. And 12 samples are included free- just for stopping in. Dayton carpet features the incredible stain-proof carpets of Dreamweaver and Shaw’s Pet Perfect carpets- the only carpets that keep liquid spills on top making clean-up so much easier. And our waterproof floors are so tough, they are tested to be denser than oak. And there are free samples on all.

So if you’re shopping for new carpets or floors, We’re here to help guide you to the products that best suit your needs, and to give you free samples to make the process easier.

Dayton Carpet – The best way ever to shop for new carpets and floors.

Dayton Carpet Showroom Pictures